40 modern ways to rule




Divide and conquer, 40 modern recipes:


Guide for conservative policy makers:


Say that everyone is equal before the law, trade otherwise.


Give some workers early retirement, others are not.


Pay benefits, pensions according to diploma ... etc


Make sure that residents of one country cannot vote according to politicians of another language


Create many different colums in public services, so that you can appoint a lot of followers which you can give jobs so that they will follow you


Subsidize all kinds of churches that keep people away from engaging themselve.


About broadcasting : avoid giving the word to progressive people


Organize elections on the basis of parties who intend the divide and rule principle.


Raise or organise taxes in a very unequal way.


Make sure employees have different statutes and design even more confusing labyrinth-conditions in social legislation ... especially do not simplify and internationalize.


Show constantly negative images and give little content about the conditions of the impoverished part of the world and most importantly ... do not submit links between facts


Support malpractices in bank world and maintain the speculation  ... so that the displeasure and the dislike of politics grows


Get just enough immigrants in their own country to please the housing market and manipulate  to stir up discontent among the people instead of imposing international agreements on a global approach to solve world problems of human society.


Blame people who want progressive changes of extreme, radical, utopian non-violent behavior.


Translate ' democracy ' constantly as the right of the economically strongest to deny jobs


Do not show  that Government has the power, where appropriate,  to impose binding measures where, for example, where one makes billions of profits and discards immigrants.


tell the people that The community must do what gigantic capital groups say, becaus there is no other alternative


don not implement a system where people choose the program for managing society like :  http://bloggen.be/consciene2008


In terms of internal party organisation, surround yourself with believers in careers of their own and no idealists


Care for a significant number of poor who but keep them under control


Bring manifestations of right-wing minorities in the spot on a regular  to give the impression that they represent a vast majority of public opinion.


Love the big media groups  and let them manipulate by writing about some messures being in the interest of the common good . Create  no publicity for those journalists who attack the priviliged class.


Make lots of fog and scoop constantly new partitions between people with and without headscarf.


Bring detailed reports on masses who want to give their lives to the one potentate for another to swap. Discourage people.


Try to put progressive regimes, but economic competitors as much as possible in a negative light.


Let the impression that certain other countries are a constant military threat, serve as an alibi to the arms industry to fatten.


Scoop situations where safety problems can be exaggerated.


Make sure animals have to live in situations in where pandemics break out so that pharmaindustrie can again make money on the anxiety over the people.


Do not allow farmers to be real farmers, because that does not fit within the logic of the monoplies.


Create artificial wage differences between men and women.


Check what is to be and should not be taught.


Care for a entertainmentsindustrie that keeps the people away from their social intrests


First support terrorist groups and use them if they want to impose their own agenda as diversionary maneuver to keep everyone in line.


Make a solid income for everyone a silly idea


Make ethical issues no individual thing, but a means of propaganda to gain voters (allow to pattent everything)


Set as need for genetically engineered crops.


Let the money from the insurers write laws


Allow banks to dictate how much to ask for loans by peoples  or the States.



PS this  was  a Guide for conservative policy makers, if you really want progressive solutions, support progressive parties, but better, change the system :


vote on the program first and then on the dirigants on project lists, not party lists :




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