Choosing Mensela (the earth as one house)

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     The piece "Choosing Mensela (Mensela = common residence, earth) is a philosophical socially motivated work with very large capacity. Built around a monologue which is about the powerlessness of the individual against about war, hunger, poverty, pollution, military production and other kinds of underdevelopment ... such as stress, unemployment, commerce, culture, flat journalism ... the monologue ends in a search for man and his inner and interpersonal relationships. Can our subjective way of being influence our objective conditions of existence? This is based on a lot of realities reality.

 Real Art.






Choosing  mensela

philosophical theater monologue

    Gaining insight into the great drama that we play in becomes more and more necessary.  Such insight begins with thinking about how we can expand our practical, everyday limited consciousness. If you want to understand reality, try to stay within reality, without getting discouraged by it.


"To understand, to be aware" ... is the most important condition to be able to work towards a more developed level of society. A society that rules according to the needs of the entire world.


That means that you must start to avoid all kinds of prejudices and fake or twisted news. Our motive ?  Wanting to prove that want truth, translated into objective journalism will eventually win from the rampant possessiveness of power mongers.

We have the opportunity to analyze history as one interconnected unity, skills and sciences enough to understand the meaning of life in fact. How can we make a better world…only hoping for it is not enough. One should understand which individuals or groups try to mislead people of good will.



Hope. Whether hope in a human, a system or hope is in an idea (hope for justice, solidarity… whatsoever) ... hope is important. Hope is motivation, is believing in. Without hope and faith you cannot overcome problems.  But it can be dangerous to orientate yourself on half-truths or things that are unreal or not social.



All those who came before us, were looking for answers even before culture gave them. Most of history the oldest part of our ancestors were satisfied with what nature gave them. One thing is certain: what they once sustained and passed on , that is what we are now. If our mind is merely to be explained materially, then their minds in a specific, physical, genetic sense ... are not dead ... and they still indirectly teach us to appreciate the simple things in nature. The rest of us, our environment, our habits, our culture, what I am saying now, obviously a lot came of them ... and still each generation adds it’s contribution. By reading, studying, discussing, organizing, presenting  alternative.   However ... thinking about 'origin and being "is it so difficult  that we hide too much  behind other pursuits, ideals or habits?



Spirituality seems to be a form of energy that is bound to matter, it sometimes seems possible only in the NOW and sometimes it seems that we move beyond this life to the force fields of all the abstract virtues that we invoke for some strengthening in life without letting us catch by words like 'God' or 'time'.          The biological and spiritual ... are one with 's past,


Matter made life, spirit is a kind of matter as well, radiation…we invented 'god' and we know "life can arise by wishing I”t. This magic may know no bounds, but let us be realistic. Believers in God say that ‘wishing’ came before the facts. At the other end of the line of thought are the materialists, not in a daily, but in the philosophical sense. Materialists, not in the sense of "just eating and drinking and lusts and never enough," or " everything for me and not for another' not in the sense of "never content”. These are twisted  meanings ,used  in the other, the idealist camp as spiritual defense weapons were. No need for this in fact. Materialists see measurable forces as their origin.        With them, the order is just the opposite: one matter, two idea (the brains as a product of material evolution, the most highly developed matter ...our brain… or isn’t it?  If Idealist could accept that the radiation were we all developed from as well is a kind of matter, then there was no problem.

Is our spirit born as our our soul goes ?... We’ll see about that later haha (literally and figuratively). We can only really see that  'being' is bound to almost always measurable forces, but ... How do you measure your feelings ... and from where come your symbolic dreams? Leaving some mystery is inspirational of course. Physical and chemical laws had their own screenwriter: the urge to survive, the attraction and repulsion.      Let all those philosophical things not separate us. More interesting than getting divided about too much philosophical contradictions or breaking one’s head ... is to discover that history is not only primarily determined by the incentives of those who think about it, or basically by the circumstances in which people live…not only by collective and individual contributions, but also by not completely defined laws in fact.  

Friends, comrades, brothers and sisters, if necessary compatriots; Human Beings ; how important they finds themselves, think much too little as a group or larger whole.

If you view things objectively and socially, without putting personal prejudices to certain persons or institutions and their actions directly in a 'good' or 'bad'-quota evaluating; if you see behind all those things a 'right' or 'in this or that conditions doomed to failure' development to ... ‘ then you're on your way to begin to understand that the growth of the individual awareness contributes to the expansion and refinement of helping the collective ... and vice versa.

The higher the degree of development and the quality of the collective, the greater the cake individual and the individual potential. For example, when more people would understand the importance of a well-functioning workers movement and the power of solidarity, it would be very much possible. Very much of what now seems impossible.

         Too few people wonder how it is that they are without work or why there are others that are hungry and others who have to destroy their butter mountains and unsold fruit ... or there also are the ones that make weapons there d' to destroy others again ... etc. They pose themselves too little questions, sometimes answers are given to them, but  the answers never seems to fit into a larger whole.  A lot of people just want a job, an income, they don’t want to harm other people.  And most of us are environmentally conscious. But things like unemployment, hunger, war and environmental degradation not only will disappear with good will, but inadequate, to outdated structures and greed will have to vanish  ...... you start there against? There is seemingly no power at present to influence things positively. And so we once again don’t start talk about those things  again . Keep on talking about them is  of course is important; because as the sun light ... those things are so important to humans.  ‘How and by whom societies are organized’ indeed is an important issue  for our collective well-being. Not?   


Where they kept us busy with so far ? What should we care about eating with golden spoons of rice, if you know that here with us there is a shortage of food production. Must we teach our children that there awaits an eternal punishment for them if they do not follow the Roman Pontiff ... or should we rather talk them about keeping the world a good place for their offspring? What now has precedence: the rapprochement, confidence and organization between those who work or are unemployed… promoting and creating something social together in the city streets or work places... or continue to propagate against each other that you can do nothing that there are no alternatives ? Don’t you overestimate the problems without seeing the possibilities ? I ask again: what has priority: what water they can baptize with or bring water where there is none? A priest has something in common with a worker today: the majority of workers also have 'anonymous' bosses.  Therefore, perhaps even this small critical ode to the Bible:                                                 

You all, atheists, theists or I do not know: All -ists- stop the quarrel become artists.  Too much attachment to the word God mystifies reason, the eternal already was there, is there, will be forever here…it ligers in ourselves !  Don’t believe the story of ‘the chosen people, everything moves in the same directions when it comes together.        The spiritual goes beyond just feeling and thinking.








         There was, there is, there could be enough.

Economically strong wanted, like, will always want more. There was, there is, there will always remain limited consciousness about own mortality. Should we therefore continue to work like ants, deepening some philosophic issues, social problems ?

Who leads the fight for the possession of money, land, work, food and war machines?

The strong, the haves intrude themselves the easiest Organizing the dependents is more difficult.

They must continue to choose each other. For even the least miserable among them is a victim of the struggle for the highest profit systems.


Greed and death awareness beards manslaughter within one’s own kind. Vanity and knowledge don’t match, it manipulates knowledge for speculative reasons.  

       Meanwhile, the dependents work at their collective subconscious ... peace people, anti-racists and anti-fascists, environmentalists, leftists, the people of the Doctors Without Borders and many others all in their boxes without joint program. Perhaps behind the collective conscious nothing more powerful can exist ... or do you think the idea and feeling exist independently of matter?

The madness of fear, killings, the opposition between finite by greed and infinite by sharing.


The repulsive of having too much at the expense of another ... one can only resolve by changing the large ownership structures…ore by sharing.



The learned shame for nakedness of body and real facts. The urge to hide your from childhood often dismissed creatives initiatives.

The frivolous of faith and believing in an easier over romantic antimatter live... where some people prefer not wait for ... to get there ... while they are already there in effect.  Don’t they know it’s all about the theatre her below, learning to be strong and changing the negative in to the positive, knowing into awareness ? Who will always tell them the opposite ?


The man that groove for the roots of the tree of knowledge was like Moses or any of the hundreds of other writing seekers. Darwin's Adam's and Eve's, conditionally immortal ...

... Still they live ... wasting to much of their limited eternity ... little do they stand still and little they think together; fail to correctly observe ... missing the power of really acting together…they must help each other to save the collective values ​and dump the things that make them sick.

Threatening them from chasing them from what could be their paradise, does not help ... the threat of total destruction is the reality. Repeated promises,  deceptive improvement, repeatedly beating, killing, all those good people ... that can never lead to the benefit off all.  Always those commercial relaxation, OK, but not as a new opium of the people. The earth won’t be saved by the domination of the culture of greed.


They built a city, a tower, exterior signs to feel common, it doesn’t work otherwise. Not the invisible main character of the ancient Biblical book confused speech, still those methods are used by the powerful.


The power of the one’s orienting themselves, oppressed; their striving for selflessness ; their helpers' exemplary strength, working on a new approach to a universal language; but what is one, alone with a language in towns and villages ... alone, still divided? The fewer misunderstandings, the less systems, the fewer conflicts of interest.


Languages ​​do not have disappear when you can work with one language among all people ,the language of planning together and discussions, the language of deciding and dividing honestly


From the work of millions of slaves who obeyed hundreds of thousands of officers who tangle with thousands of servants and hundreds of bosses and dozens of rulers; grew the positive understanding of the lowest class. When there are too many drops that flow over the spark that poses the question of ownership will ignite.  Question from whether depends a  mature and organized basis.

When interaction between a stressed economy and social inspiration go together with personal freedom and daring collective actions…in the end no possession will be that big that it can exploit. When birth control will not be used as a racist argument, but as something reasonable everywhere. When extermination for the difference in wealth and race shall be abolished.  When having a job will be a right. When possession will mean : your house an socialized enterprises, small companies, common factories …only then all social inspiration will have reached its peak.

Are we aware that the political, social and economic developments mainly follow negative laws? Why are we so silent and sparing with our opinion? We still see the truths behind poverty and glitter? Whence comes that other society in our and in other areas?

In what society we want to evolve together? Because nothing stands still. We must learn to see history as developments that seek to reward their social players. What mechanisms still cause war, environmental degradation, underdevelopment, armaments, hunger, exploitation, impoverishment, illiteracy ... commercial and cultural domination?


Too much possessiveness, too few opportunities for security for children. Too narcissistic reflexes that imprison us in our family. Distrusting greedy people doesn’t stop them. Too much hassle and routine. Not enough to do too, little satisfaction. Too much arrogance, property and discontent, leaves of 'never enough' and 'always less than another. " Too much inexperience to deal with the lower part of the love when it all seems so difficult.


The collective antisocial can be prevented by controlling effective leaders and to call them to account. By first voting for a global program and then for the directors on project lists.


Children, your new bearers of life, you are not served with a falsified history. Are you going to allow being divided amongst your friends as well?  Or will you see to unite the infinite benefits of orientating on objective sources? Wisdom, however tied to tough conditions, only afterwards appears to be an improvement. Wisdom can first start, when a lot has been experienced. Why should suffering continue to always come before wisdom ?   Demonstrating the lameness of some old structures. Justice, born of the power to the clumsiness from the world ... must still grow from social progress ... must not go backwards.

Realizing that these insights are a primarily collective success, those legacies that I try to put into words, I’ll stop traduce them here in English, I’ve got a lot more in Dutch.  I thank you for your attention ... and I wish you much strength to continue to build on these insights.


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