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    1. introduction

    I sit on a sphere/that ball is a planet/the planet is made suitable for a biological cell by thousands of evolutions /   a biological cell : molecules and atoms and their predecessors are the atom and the radiation after the big bang/the big bang is symbolic of the principle of being, namely slightly smaller or equal to zero cannot exist or, in other words, if  senseless is approached, (not-being) a situation will change   /life cannot be kept in a state that will be untenable,(the code on all life) /life even evolves already in the big bang events in too ever more sophisticated forms of being and awareness/consciousness is the greatest good, from the simple, practical, logical rational to feel how inner communication works/big bang cycles : all what has always existed in the previous big bang cycle, begins again as a reshuffling of the cards with the same or other characters?/that is of course the question, do we get once in a big bang cycle a chance to get back  with the same or similar role to play ... and that with the same or other creatures or mixed energy?/the energy of being  maintains the unique composition of your own, that energy is not only geneticaly branched out in other related creatures, but perhaps just on another genetic way after death continues to exist/continues to exist by means which the living have yet to add to the old stories/add all the previous evolutions, stories, words and numerical energy that actually led to all existence and observe the now/ our existence so continuously travels between radiation (after the big bang) and the radiation after the death of the first cell at the beginning of the biological evolution, up to and including our own bodies, which also fall apart in minerals and radiation, everything is in fact more or less compacted forms of radiation over time which, however, does not exist/// a kind of logical tool is like the word God that we can replace by the totality of  being and  it’s evolution  depending on the individual and collective consciousness/awareness teaches us to regard and control our negative emotions in order to convert them in too positive ones /trying to improve our awareness brings us sometimes  in a negative spiral, due to the interaction with others, therefor one has to learn how to avoid this as much as possible/// a mountain of not easy experiences can wait for us, according to the domino’s before us and in our own lives/even in the dominos before us we were present for a part/ the inner is the most intimate in a being, not in the sense of the individual with his emotional world and physical experiences or professional experiences, but in the sense of understanding the degree of inner consciousness off all kinds of events and developments in one's own life and that of others /to comprehend is not only being able to make connections but also in a very intensive way experience  the daily sense and progress of things and substantial evolutions of people and the things they experience, comprehending the symbolism of those things should be understood, to fully understand this text which talks about our voyage ... to the eternal future.


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    2. how providence works




    It’s raining.  ‘It’ is raining.  Where’s that ‘it’ one might think, well try to understand the introduction test. Where are you waking up this morning ? In an apartment you share with family or friends, near a road with much traffic or alone in a room in the bush ? Why is one where one is with that and those persons or alone, why does one do the work one does and which work one would wish to do ? Well, don’t think too much about it, it’s nice to think about it logically, like in the introduction text one can push the idea very far and hopefully you do not end up with concluding that the chicken who lays your egg every day, isn’t a reincarnation of some a lot of the time angry person you once knew.  What about trying to understand what happens day by day in your life and that of others ?  Is one surrounded with people that are a bit sharing the way one feels about life or does one, by reflecting on that subject discover that from early age on there is a kind of controversy between oneself and a lot of personages in one’s life ? In how far one has a free will in continuing the game that started before yourself…and even when one was not present yet, not born, the stuff one is made off, already was. In a way it is like if everything what happens has an energy that is constantly looking to combine with an opposite energy, crossing the path of more equally charged energies…still a bit like the basic system of our structure : proton, neutron, electron.  But before we end up with too much science again, let’s try to find out how the part of providence works in our lives.


    Light is carrier of information, those who were one’s alive and now a kind of light, make us live for a part; we’ll have to be in our strength in order to not let influence ourselves in a negative way.



    3. As my father used to say


    I send my son in too this world, not like the story in the Bible, to be conceived by a virgin, no I send him in too this world in a genetic way, as I myself came in too this world and everyone before me until the first cell that existed and way back from there to our real father, the light, radiation.


    I send my son in too life on earth, then years after what is called the end of the second world war, but in fact the consequences still continue, the collective dominos still fall, like in each individual life. I myself as was send in too this world five years after a big war about nothing much more than the power to be able to be the biggest players on the economical field.


    Sending someone in too the world is kind off a strange way to put it, we cannot but be in the world in fact.    





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