• 40 modern ways to rule




    Divide and conquer, 40 modern recipes:


    Guide for conservative policy makers:


    Say that everyone is equal before the law, trade otherwise.


    Give some workers early retirement, others are not.


    Pay benefits, pensions according to diploma ... etc


    Make sure that residents of one country cannot vote according to politicians of another language


    Create many different colums in public services, so that you can appoint a lot of followers which you can give jobs so that they will follow you


    Subsidize all kinds of churches that keep people away from engaging themselve.


    About broadcasting : avoid giving the word to progressive people


    Organize elections on the basis of parties who intend the divide and rule principle.


    Raise or organise taxes in a very unequal way.


    Make sure employees have different statutes and design even more confusing labyrinth-conditions in social legislation ... especially do not simplify and internationalize.


    Show constantly negative images and give little content about the conditions of the impoverished part of the world and most importantly ... do not submit links between facts


    Support malpractices in bank world and maintain the speculation  ... so that the displeasure and the dislike of politics grows


    Get just enough immigrants in their own country to please the housing market and manipulate  to stir up discontent among the people instead of imposing international agreements on a global approach to solve world problems of human society.


    Blame people who want progressive changes of extreme, radical, utopian non-violent behavior.


    Translate ' democracy ' constantly as the right of the economically strongest to deny jobs


    Do not show  that Government has the power, where appropriate,  to impose binding measures where, for example, where one makes billions of profits and discards immigrants.


    tell the people that The community must do what gigantic capital groups say, becaus there is no other alternative


    don not implement a system where people choose the program for managing society like :


    In terms of internal party organisation, surround yourself with believers in careers of their own and no idealists


    Care for a significant number of poor who but keep them under control


    Bring manifestations of right-wing minorities in the spot on a regular  to give the impression that they represent a vast majority of public opinion.


    Love the big media groups  and let them manipulate by writing about some messures being in the interest of the common good . Create  no publicity for those journalists who attack the priviliged class.


    Make lots of fog and scoop constantly new partitions between people with and without headscarf.


    Bring detailed reports on masses who want to give their lives to the one potentate for another to swap. Discourage people.


    Try to put progressive regimes, but economic competitors as much as possible in a negative light.


    Let the impression that certain other countries are a constant military threat, serve as an alibi to the arms industry to fatten.


    Scoop situations where safety problems can be exaggerated.


    Make sure animals have to live in situations in where pandemics break out so that pharmaindustrie can again make money on the anxiety over the people.


    Do not allow farmers to be real farmers, because that does not fit within the logic of the monoplies.


    Create artificial wage differences between men and women.


    Check what is to be and should not be taught.


    Care for a entertainmentsindustrie that keeps the people away from their social intrests


    First support terrorist groups and use them if they want to impose their own agenda as diversionary maneuver to keep everyone in line.


    Make a solid income for everyone a silly idea


    Make ethical issues no individual thing, but a means of propaganda to gain voters (allow to pattent everything)


    Set as need for genetically engineered crops.


    Let the money from the insurers write laws


    Allow banks to dictate how much to ask for loans by peoples  or the States.



    PS this  was  a Guide for conservative policy makers, if you really want progressive solutions, support progressive parties, but better, change the system :


    vote on the program first and then on the dirigants on project lists, not party lists :



  • Planetary News 2040




    My grandson Oliver, aged 24, was reading the international topics.

    “Next week, an adjustment to the planetary constitution program will be voted on worldwide. If it is accepted with a majority on a worldwide scale, it will be implemented at the start of next year, 2040. Since the world has evaluated to a place where everyone is entitled to a job or, a kind of basic income or both, and the ones who are working in production or services areas as well can freely chose in which period they can contribute to society or take some time off for personal development or whatever, and since the new constitution of 2024 has led to a completely other world; WOCOMAS, the world council for managing society after a number of debates in the regional world councils, REWOCO, has decided to finalize the process of the need to have armies. Since every war has being ended and all layers of humanity work together in harmony to produce what is needed and a place to live and public services are guaranteed, and there is no more hunger or ideological disputes, for 16 years now already; not a single military bullet was fired, only police forces war armed. From 2040 onwards the old military structures will only to be used to tackle nature disasters quickly and massively. The expectation is that people in mass will vote for the final reconversion of their armed military forces. Some years ago they already voted to end the production of guns and other large scale aggressive products; but now the process was in his last phase. “

    Being nearly 84; there were times in the earliest years of this century and the one before I never would have thought ‘we’ would come this far. The world, by solving it’s economical and bureaucratic problems and financial barriers (the huge influence of speculators of all kind and the law of maximum profit) had completely changed in those perspectives. Every citizen was in a very telematics way administrated by one of the fifteen projects he belonged to. One is born and the local council project takes the dates from the health project over and automatically informs the other projects : education, work, housing, energy, telematics, transport, environment, agriculture, production, distribution, social security, culture and money. As one gets older, all the information about someone can be found in one of those 15 projects. This system had a different view on things. Money for example, was only used in an administrative way. In the project Telematics worked for example 100 million people, with the difference between income scales being 1 to 3…one could easily on the base of using one WOCU (world currency) calculated how much the total costs of making use of telematics would be, added with other costs. There were no phone bills any more even, because for each customer, the same amount of WOCU digits was taken each month automatically from his or her account. The same system was used in every other project of society, except for the things one buys in shops. The entire ministry of Finance of all kind of councils in the world, had a lot more easier job, because in fact each worker paid more or less paid the same taxes…and what was sold in the little shops, a fixed amount was taken in to account automatically. And since workers had a different life style with much more free time as before and jobs that they could easily switch, only small scale and middle scale enterprises were privately owned, the big multinationals, in great numbers had become collectively owned and managed by the whole population, by means of the councils, both on a world and local scale. People again could become farmers if they wanted to, after decades of practically 1per cent working on the land.

    Suddenly Oliver said : “so, tell me again when things really changed with this world that was pretty chaotic in your days grandpa Joseph”.

    I took a more comfortable seat. “Well, as I probably told you before, you will often think on occasions you will hear me talk about those matters; it was about the end of the 20th century when ideologies started taking another path. Collectivism was a bit slower than the severe discipline in capitalistic production units…one could not loose one’s job not as easily in the Sovjet Union in those days…but less goods were produced and due to imperialist tensions between the greatest countries, the USSR fall apart. A lot of people thought it was the end of history; but the war tensions became even greater in and between nations. There was not only the divide between each new emerging nation, like the Chinese one, who had understood that the way forward was combining it’s one party system with a great deal of collective ownership with individual enterprises and responsibility; there also became a religiously masked movement, politically orientated, with the same imperialistic projects as its rivals. The age of terrorism and wars, was not what people had hoped for when they celebrated the new 21th century. Now it was the turn of the capitalistic system to fall apart, after his stage of globalization, when there were to many who believed the neo liberal profits would have no ending and no obstacles to overcome. The turning point, was the year 2008 when stock markets fell and the value of money and state defaults began to have crisis effects on employment, profits and so on. More and more wars for oil in fact and more and more places were as soon as elections were held, the results were rejected by as well the ruling layers of bourgeoisie or segments of the mass of people. It became more and more different amid social unrest to even form a government that good find a way out of thos difficult international issues. Finally, the going and acting together of a lot of progressive groups resulted in the demand that people should have the right to have another kind of elections as the one based on the Greek democracy some thousand years ago…more and more the demand to vote by approving a global program first and then in a second round appointing the people responsible on project lists, not party lists, was heard. Finally the United Nations took control of this new democratic process…and people were paid the same digits for driving a truck in Polen a in Brussels as in Katmandu. The success of these this kind of democracy grew as hunger and wars were stopped. A huge campaign to make those changes acceptable and to encourage people to take part in them was put in place by the progressive groups and parties who had started the change; or rather all those kind of different changes who had become necessary.

    I myself worked in the department of education.”…to be continued


  • Voting for a program and then...on Project lists

    1 program ;

    7 rulers :


    project 1 Societyadministration, Safety

                2 Education, Culture

                3 Money, Working, Homes

                 4 Agriculture, Ecology, Health

                5  Telecom

                 6  Production, Distribution, Transport

                 7  Energy


    water division system agriculture Kreta